TherapyFixx app

UI Design and Web Development

TherapyFixx is a companion app for psychologists to offer their patients to access mental health tools between in-person sessions.

Use following login for the prototype:
PW: password

The Problem

Patients of psychotherapists often feel at loose ends in between live sessions, which can lead to regression. This loss in progress can lead to frustration for both parties. Also, during sessions valuable therapy time can be lost to recalling events that lead up to the appointment.

The Goals

  • To build a platform for connecting patients with their providers online.
  • To provide patients a sense of trust and confidence in the platform by customizing the interface to the provider.
  • To create a beautiful and simple-to-use interface for patients of all ages to register
    and engage with the tools.
  • For providers to have easy access to the results of each patient's the data, so that the results can be used in a live session.

The Solution

Create an app for therapists to offer their patients as resource for recording their thoughts in a journal, rate their symptoms and feelings in assessments, and view guided exercises recorded by their therapist. The journal entries and assessment results can be shared with the therapist so they are "up-to-speed" for the next appointment and time in therapy can be more productive.

My Role

Ui Design

Tools & Build

Ruby on Rails










The landing page features descriptions of the tools. Users begin by registering with a therapist code, thereby automatically associating with their own therapist. This code also prevents the public from being able to register for the app. 

After Registering

A user is logged in to see landing page summarizing each of the tools.


Guided exercises recorded by the therapist gives patients a familiar face and voice offers comfort and stability to manage symptoms between sessions. 


Short evaluations to rate thoughts and feelings, so that patient and therapist can see progress toward recovery. Results of these assessments are saved to review emotional benchmarks..

Anxiety Scale and Stress Log


A journal can be created for each new event to group entries together. The therapist can use an entry to supplement a session.