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Product tour

User Experience Design

Onboarding flow for enterprise email analytics software displaying new product features.

The Problem

Email Security Analysts need an introduction to the new Email Threat Intelligence product with a tour pointing out new features that encourage early adoption..

The Goals

  • Provide a quick and simple interactive guided tour of the product's new main features.

  • Provide the user a way to dismiss the tour should they want to dive in and start exploring.the product. . 

  • The end of the tour should bring the user back to the initial landing page, so that the transition from the tour into their workflow is seamless.

The Solution

Create a tour that shows call outs for the top features of the new product. The tour can be dismissed at the start and viewed at a later time. Each stage of the tour takes the user through a typical workflow for using the features and with the final stage returning to the start.

My Role

UX Designer


Pencil & Paper







Deciding which of features were the most important to show in the tour, and in which order they would be shown.
Writing succinct copy for the slides that would give enough information to entice the user to start using the new product. 


I spoke with the Senior UX designer who designed the product to find out:

  • How the new product would work.
  • Which features she deemed most important to the user